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Air conditioners are essential for maintaining a comfortable temperature in your home or office all year long. A properly functioning air conditioner is key to maintaining steady temperatures and minimizing energy costs.

Climate Control Specialists’ licensed HVAC technicians can install, maintain, repair, and service your air conditioner for easy cooling. We offer everything from standard air conditioners to Split system air conditioners that are designed to improve the air you breathe. Contact us to schedule an air conditioner service in Lebanon and the surrounding area.

Choosing the Right Air Conditioner

Choosing the right air conditioner for your home or business is imperative to keeping a comfortable climate that fits your needs. We carry manual non-programmable and programmable air conditioners as well as Split system air conditioners. Each one has its ups and downs, but they essentially serve the same purpose. Which one is right for you depends on your specific needs and lifestyle.

Manual Air Conditioners

Manual air conditioners are the most widely used type of air conditioner there is. They come in both programmable and non-programmable models. Programmable air conditioners give more control over temperature by letting you set the desired temperature, and then doing the rest.

The constant regulation afforded by a programmable air conditioner allows for greater efficiency and lower energy costs. A manual air conditioner is a good option if you want a dependable air conditioner that is inexpensive to install.

Split System Air Conditioners

Split system air conditioners are a more advanced version of standard air conditioners. They work by splitting the unit into two parts, an outdoor unit and an indoor unit. Split system air conditioners are designed to improve the air you breathe and provide better air quality. They are more energy efficient, and also offer more flexibility in terms of where you can place the unit within your home or office.

Lebanon Air Conditioner Installation

You need to buy a new air conditioner, or upgrade your old one to a split system air conditioner. Either way, you need someone to install it. Hire a licensed professional for Lebanon air conditioner installation to prevent electrical shock and damage to your HVAC system. Climate Control Specialists’ HVAC technicians are experienced with air conditioner installation and offer a fast and affordable service.

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The HVAC technicians at Climate Control Specialists are the area leaders in all things air conditioners. We carry a wide range of manual and split system air conditioners from the top manufacturers. Our expertise aids you in selecting the most cost-effective air conditioner for your needs.

Our team has years of experience and the know-how for fast and effective air conditioner maintenance, repair, and installations. Contact Climate Control Specialists for the Lebanon air conditioner services you need at an affordable price you deserve.